The Bookseller’s Daughter came about because I, quite frankly, can never get enough of talking about books. I mean really, I just can’t and I needed a place to share some of these bookish thoughts with other wordish people who wouldn’t tune out when I start discussing why really Game of Thrones could have been longer, 900 pages just wasn’t enough.

I chose the name because life as a Bookseller’s Daughter has defined much of who I am. My parents ran an independent bookshop together for over 30 years and instilled a love of all things literature in me. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting on my Nana’s knee behind the counter while she served customers – a family business indeed! To this day a bookshop is my happy place and my haven.

I plan to explore a whole range of styles, genres and lengths on the blog, and look forward to some reader recommendations too, but I have to admit an extreme penchant for fantasy, the classics and an (un)healthy consumption of historical fiction.

So here in my corner of the internet I wanted to recreate just a slice of the joy┬áI have always got from being The Bookseller’s Daughter.

Welcome and please say hello!

In fellow bookishness,

The Bookseller’s Daughter

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