April reads (in 30 words) 2015

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After a hard reading month in March, I seemed to fly through books in April. So not to make too long a post, I decided to try and sum up my thoughts on each book in 30 words. Here we go…

The Story of Britain by Roy Strong

Large coffee-table style book with short chapters covering the history of Britain with nice colour pictures. A good one for background info, and to dip into in the future.
Good for: digesting short bits of history in a readable way

Sovereign by C.J. Sansom

Third book in the Shardlake series. They continue to be very formulaic, but a good page-turning read. Enjoyed a different look at the Tudor times and got carried along with the story.
Good for: a quick read when you want a crime page-turner.

On Liberty by Shami Chakrabarti

A mind-opening book, perfect to read just before the UK general election. She writes well and convincingly without patronising or lecturing. Interesting background and modern day examples of human rights issues.
Good for: finding out more about the importance of our human rights laws, and getting a bit angry (in a good way).

Surfacing by Margaret Atwood

I often think Atwood can do no wrong, but this book was a struggle. Difficult beginning, great middle but confusing ending. Her observations of people are still heartbreakingly on point though.
Good for: Atwood fans who want to read more, wouldn’t recommend this as a first read through.

Get it together by Zoe Williams

With the strapline ‘why we deserve better politics’, an upcoming UK election and a desire to make the right decision, it’s perhaps no surprise I read this book this month.
Good for: Understanding elements of UK politics in a clear way.

Heart of Darkness by Joesph Conrad

Of a very different time, in a very different place there were some intriguing elements to this book. But I feel a lot of the true meaning went over my head.

Good for: people who already love classics, not a great place to start.

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