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I have decided that I would like to jump on the band wagon of posting a monthly wrap up and possible TBR for the month ahead. So, without further ado here are the books I worked my way through in November.

The Queen of Subtleties by Suzannah Dunn

Hmm…not the best start to the month, as you’ll know if you read the Tudor Tuesday I dedicated to this book. For me this was everything historical fiction should not be, and was the least favourite portrayal of Anne Boleyn I have ever read. Not a recommendation from me.

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte

Oh yes I loved this book. I’ve now got all the Bronte’s books on my shelves and will hopefully be working my way through them sooner rather than later. Described at the time as a brutal book, I enjoyed the characters, themes and writing very much. If you liked the darker side of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights you’ll love this Bronte sister’s second and final novel. I hope to post more about my thoughts on this novel soon.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Not my usual fair this one, but a good read which kept me turning the page even though I had seen the film and knew how it turned out! I think Stockett’s characters leap off the page and make you really sit up and think about what you’re reading. I can see why this one is a bestseller. If you’ve not read it I would certainly recommend a read, a good holiday pick I think.

Praxis by Fay Wheldon

I think Fay Wheldon will get her own post soon (she’s on my list of people I want to read everything by, which admittedly is mainly just her and Margaret Atwood) so I won’t say much about this for now. Only that, whilst it was hard read and I’m not sure ‘enjoyed’ would be the right word to describe the experience, it was a book I am glad to have read and I’ll continue picking up as many Wheldon’s as I can get my hands on.

And finally I just managed to finish
Blood and Beauty by Sarah Dunant

I wasn’t expecting to be finishing this book this month, as when I started drafting this post I had only just picked it up. But I was absolutely addicted and flew through the final half of the novel. Dunant tells the story of the Borgias, a historical family I had heard of but wasn’t familiar with. However as soon as I heard about this book I knew it would be right up my street and it has been sitting on the shelves for a while just willing me to read it. And I wasn’t disappointed. It had everything I want from some historical fiction. The characters were fascinating and although I don’t know how accurate the book was, the story of love, lust, loyalty and betrayal had me hooked. In a teaser at the end Dunant hints at a sequel in a few years which I already want to read. This was the highlight of my reading month and a definite recommendation for historical fiction fans and anyone who wants a page turner with bite. I also want to feature more on this soon so will stop my rave here!

And in December I hope to read…

To the Lighthouse by Virginia Wolff
The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf
Virginia and Vanessa by Susan Sellers

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