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Today is a rather momentous occasion for me, not least because I have had the excuse to use the word momentous. I have wanted to set up my own blog for so long and here I am, actually typing my first official post. Someone seems to have forgotten to arrange the ribbon cutting and fanfare but still,the first chapter of my internet life begins (too early for a book related pun…possibly but I’m leaving it in).

If you’re joining me now on this adventure please say hello and let me know where I can find you on the internet too.

Have a browse around and you can read about the inspiration behind this blog in my About section. But it really just comes down to an overwhelming love of books and a desire to talk about them.  I’ve a few regular features planned as well as plenty of reviews and would love to hear from fellow readers along the way.

I hope you’ll stick around and join me in fellow bookishness.

The Bookseller’s Daughter

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